Playing Catch-Up

It’s a beautiful sunny day at the end of the month, after days of rain and murk.  A joy indeed.  A couple of months ago, I took some  of my best recent work to Stadler Studio in Langley to have Michael shoot good photos (instead of my process photos taken on the loom).  The results give a good sense of the character of the cloth, the drape, texture and shimmer, in addition to the colors and patterns.  Enjoy the eye candy!

“Kiku” series ~

2017-11-02 10.37.49-1

2017-11-02 10.20.54-1

2017-11-02 11.47.42-1

“Tis The Season” series ~

2017-11-02 10.47.46-1

2017-11-02 10.14.16-1

“Summer’s End” series ~

2017-11-02 10.56.08-1

2017-11-02 10.06.19-1

2017-11-02 10.08.34-1

“Caramel Apple” series ~

2017-11-02 11.05.29-1

2017-11-02 10.03.17-1

2017-11-02 11.44.45-1

“Willow Pond” throw ~

2017-11-02 11.28.00-1

2017-11-02 11.54.40-1

“Elijah’s Blanket” series throw ~

2017-11-02 11.22.15-1

2017-11-02 11.32.50-1

That’s it for today.  I’m working my way back into more frequent posting, and with sustained work at the looms lately, there is plenty to show and write about.  Here’s to February!

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7 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Shirley Baker

    All gorgeous! You rocked the Tis the Season series!


  2. I think you have entered into a new realm of Weavers Pornography, LOL!

  3. Susan L Waters

    Your images absolutely capture the allure, the true colors of your work. Can’t say which is my favorite from this selection because there is a conflict; which do I like better? the color combinations or the texture or pattern. They each own distinction. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Margaret Elwood

    Oh yeah, baby! Sexy, sensuous, alluring… what’s not to love about these?

  5. Liberty Stickney

    Wow, these are fabulous! That green one is wonderful!!!!!! Wow!!!

  6. Wanda Williams

    Oh my GoOdNESs!!!!!!! What incredible artistry on your loom!!!! Anne, you have a remarkable talent using yarns. I remember your studio where you had all the different colors and textures of your yarns stored. Even before any of the yarns hit the loom, the color arrangements were even gorgeous to see. Talking about woven “eye candy.” Indeed, ALL the works are. Thank you for sharing your amazing, incredible, awesome work!!!! With love and admiration, Wanda

    Sent from my iPad

  7. Cathi Till

    You do such beautiful work!

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