Back in the Saddle Again

My readers must be tired of me remarking that it’s been a long time since I appeared here. Me too. It’s been such a strange time on so many levels. COVID has changed life everywhere for everyone, including on this outlying rural island, where the virus has generally spread moderately but has resulted (thankfully) in only a handful of deaths. It’s hard to conjure up enthusiasm and what my father called ambition — the internal thrust to do work and be productive. Some artists I know have hunkered down and done masses of new work; others, like myself, have been stymied and stagnant. I have wished for the former.

There’s some new work hanging in my inventory closet, completed early in the year during the “before” time, all available for purchase.

An early attempt at photographing finished work on a mannequin ~

A few things on the loom from last winter ~

And finally, a glimpse of the early signs of a new season, despite (perhaps because of) the nearly relentless rain here this winter ~

Prunus mume (Japanese Flowering Almond)

There’s a new warp on my big loom, for 10 bright towels, and a fancy new loom awaiting its final set-up. The rainy days may turn out to be conducive — at last — to moving the new work forward.

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5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see you beautiful work. I have vacillated between getting lots done and just not being motivated. I’m trying to get back to my own routine of weaving and posting on my site. Your photos are so well done and I love the work. Stay safe.

  2. Margaret Elwood

    So lovely to hear about your return to work!

  3. Yvonne

    Your work is stunning! It’s good to see you back at it again.
    Yvonne in Bellingham WA

  4. Susan Kane

    I was just thinking of you a few days ago and it is lovely to see your work and know that you are keeping busy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and be well!

  5. Barbara Joy Laffey

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I too have been stymied and stagnant, and feared I would look back at this time as a wasted opportunity. But we have to be where we are and trust our process, despite all the shoulds in our brains!!! Sending love and blessings. It’s always a joy to see your work!!

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